SETK Steampunk'd Masquerade

Canad Inns Destination Centre Polo Park
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R3G 3P7

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The Steampunk'd Masquerade!

Theme: La Belle Epoque

A Most Thrilling Development:

We have been planning to add an extra element to the SETK Tea and Bazaar for years. Our gears have been grinding away trying to figure out how to add an after hours event to compliment The Tea. And, now with the convention moving to a new location this has provided an opportunity to expand our convention hours to the evening.


This is a thrilling development. It allows us the ability to hold a time travel after hours event. And, so after The SETK Tea and Ladies' Bazaar bids ado to the year in its closing announcements, the gears of our Time Machine will begin to spin.......

An Homage To La Belle Epoque:

La Belle Epoque Inspired Steampunk'd Masquerade

Our guests will be transported back in time to the amazing La Belle Epoque, a fantastic era of Joie de Vivre. It was a new era for ideas in culture and art in French and Western History. This era spans the years of 1871 to 1914. It was a time in which people began to embrace life and music hall entertainment became popular. Ziegfeld Follies is one fine example of the performances that were huge hits during this time.

And the bonus to this feature is that it gives our guests a huge selection of possible Steampunk'd costume ideas. You could be a burlesque dance hall girl, or a Wild Wild West inspired Gold Rush character, like Klondike Kate. Use your endless imagination to have fun with your costume. This is not your average stuffy Victorian affair.

Cut Loose Those Corset Strings! A Big Wide World Experienced La Belle Epoque, Embrace It!

Here's How It Works:

SETK will shut down the convention space at 5pm. This allows for us to tear down the convention space and set up the Masquerade in the Main Hall from 5pm to 7pm. Our guests can enjoy dinner in Altos Restaurant while they wait, or leave to get ready for the Masquerade. The Masquerade will open its doors at 7pm in the Main Hall, all other convention space will be closed.

Even though the SETK Tea and Bazaar will be closed, elements of the Grinder's Bazaar and the Photo Booth will still be available to guests who decide to attend the Masquerade.

Admission To The Masquerade:

Admission To Just The Masquerade:

You do not have to attend the Steampunk convention in order to be a guest at the Masquerade. It will be possible to purchase a ticket for the Masquerade at the door for $22 on June 13th, when we open the Main Hall at 7pm. The admission to the Masquerade if you are purchasing admission before June 13th, separate from the SETK Tea and Bazaar, is $18.

Admission Rates:

Before June 13th - $18 (Plus GST/PST, Eventbrite Fee) If bought offline or through e-transfer there is no Eventbrite fee.

On June 13th (The Day of The Event) - $22 (Taxes are included in price)

No Refunds

Admission To SETK Tea and Bazaar, Plus The Masquerade Bundle:

If you are a guest attending the Steampunk convention during the day please be aware of a discount bundle we are offering. You may purchase a bundled ticket before June 13th that gives you a $3 discount on the Masquerade/SETK Tea and Bazaar Admission. But, only if you purchase ahead, this offer is no longer available for purchase on June 13th, 2020.

Admission Rates:

Before June 13th - $40 (Plus GST/PST, and Eventbrite fee) If bought offline or through e-transfer there is no Eventbrite fee.

On June 13th (The Day of the Event) $45 (Taxes are included in price when bought at the door)

No Refunds

*This bundle does not include The High Society Afternoon Tea.

And A Celebration of Two Very Important Anniversaries:

We wish celebrate our Fifth Year running and also give a huge Huzzah! for Manitoba and its 150th Anniversary. Please join us for all the shenanigans. More details will be added as we get closer to the date. Check for updates on or our Facebook Group The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken.

SETK Facebook Group

Canad Inns Destination Centre Polo Park
1405 Saint Matthews Avenue
R3G 3P7